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Enjoyable Lessons

I am very pleased that you have enrolled for music lessons at my studio. Music can communicate an important part of ourselves that can reach expression in no other way. In addition, numerous studies have found that students who study music improve their reading and math scores, and have more success in multiple areas of their adult lives.

What might not be so obvious, is that learning to play an instrument is relatively difficult. Your child may need significant support from you in order to succeed. Regular practice is crucial, and having a properly operating instrument is required.

The following policies will help our students find success in learning music:

Practicing at home. Based on their age and progress, each student will be assigned a daily amount of practice time in order to prepare each week’s lesson.

Parental Supervision. In order to insure your child’s success, it is crucial that you help your child manage their practice time, until it becomes a habit for them. Initiating a new commitment of time is difficult for children, and your help at the very start is important.

Lesson times. Students should arrive at the studio a few minutes prior to the lesson time, so lessons can begin and end on time.

Recitals. Recitals are an opportunity for students to learn to handle the challenge of performing. It is not a requirement, but it is highly encouraged. If a student chooses not to perform, it is still expected that they will attend, as part of their education.

Missed or cancelled lessons. Due to time constraints, there will be no make-up lessons or refunds for missed or cancelled lessons. If lessons are missed by the teacher, they will either be rescheduled or credited to the student’s account.